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Animated Mosaic

Fast Racing Car
Offset Tiles

Queen in her Glory
Mixed Tile Sizes

Winston Churchill
Single Image

  Techniques - or, how do they do that?

The art of creating mosaics is a multi-step process. First the artist works with the original image to enhance it and enlarge it as required. This involves at least three graphics programs designed for just such a process.

Fitting the "tiles"

Next, the image is fed into a special program that chops the original image into color coded vector shapes, and runs through a library of "tiles" finding those that match most closely in tone, shape and depth. Then these are arranged into one output image, and the result is written as a new file ready for printing.

The libraries

The libraries are arranged by subject matter. If you want automobile tiles, then that library is selected. But if you want automobiles, flowers and fish, and some "must have" images of your own, then all are fed into the programs, selected and written out in the correct pattern.

Fine tuning the output

Finally, the output mosaic image is passed through several iterations of digital enhancing. The image is sharpened and the colors are refined to match the original image more closely.

Fizzy mosaic sample, with a 3d wrapped mosaic:

Regular image
Many small pictures
A multitude of small pictures all set up in a mosaic.

  Mixed size tiles
Big, little, you name it
A bunch of images of all sizes arranged correctly.

  Single image
Sometimes one is enough
The whole mosaic is done with one tile repeated.

  Offset tiles
Confusing the eye
Each row and/or column of tiles is offset by a percent.

  Fizzy mosaic
Did we put it in a blender?
The image starts out as a mosaic and ends up as a normal picture - just for fun.

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