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Meribeth Burton and Hudson Mack
Chek 6 TV

Earth Day 2000
Earth Day 2000

Whale Poster
Tourism BC

A Fast Car
Fast Car

  Our mosaic formats

Our Magic Mosaic artists create mosaics in hundreds of different formats, including layered mosaics, with special effects such as lattices, object arrangement, proximity blending, and drop shadowing.

We can clip unlike frames from video tracks by automatically detecting scene transitions and then scan for and remove near duplicates. Our mosaics are created with and without photo images and are often made from irregular tile shapes and patterns. Image sources may include video tracks, photographs, and clipart.

Texture patterns and solid colors (just like the Greeks and Romans and others used in creating mosaics thousands of years ago) are also used extensively.

Each mosiac that we create is an individual work of art and no two are ever done the same way. We often move tiles around manually for a perfect fit.

A typical Magic Mosaic artist at work

Crafty mosaics
How long do they take?
The average mosaic takes at least 10 to 15 hours to complete. We work with you to develop the best picture

  Where do tiles live?
In caves mostly
We have huge collections of object images.

  What's next?
The sky's the limit
We're always working on neat new ways to render mosaics with special effects.

NEW! - Animosaics
Really moving images
A whole new type of mosaic where every small picture is a movie! Check out the Gallery

If you have suggestions for mosaic effects, please let us know here.

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