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Uncle Sam

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Earth Day 2000

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  Uploading images

This is where you upload graphic images for converting into a mosaic. We process pictures to convert them to picture objects for use in our custom mosaics

NOTE: Before you can upload a file, you'll need a Userid and Password. Please click the Contact button above to e-mail us if you don't already have your Userid and Password.

Please contact us for instructions
on how to upload files to the site.

    You can also e-mail us a picture file as an attachment for your master mosaic picture.

  Your image
Send us a good one
The picture you upload should be great quality. That way we can send you a great mosaic.

  Proof files
Show me the proof
Once the proof file is completed, we will e-mail you a URL so only you can view it. Tell us what you think about the mosaic before we print it.

  How to see a mosaic
Don't you just look at it?
The quality is best seen from a distance, so stand back from the picture (or the screen) when viewing it. The eye is tricked into seeing the mosaic more clearly from a distance.

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