Magic Mosaics School Yearbook Covers

We create an 8 1/2"x11" mosaic picture (up to 11"x17"). Your picture is created in high resolution as a downloadable digital file, or on CD, ready to print.

All you have to do is upload your pictures and theme picture to our site, or send them on a CD, and we'll create a mosaic file ready for you to download and print.

Your digital pictures should be as follows:
  • JPEG format files with the least compression for best quality. If you scan them, then 150 dpi would be perfect. We'll crop and resize them as needed.
  • At least 100 pictures for a good mosaic, up to a maximum of 1000.
  • Your theme picture can be any size.
  • All zipped together ready to upload to our site - ZIP or SIT format.
  • You'll need a userid and password to upload - please contact us- for detailed uploading information.
  • Turnaround time approximately 3 days.
  • Easy payment by PayPal tm

We work with you to make the best mosaic.
Sample Yearbook Cover

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